Monthly Personal Coaching and Training – $250

Cost includes weekly programs that will be established on Sundays, after analyzation of workouts for the week and metadata.? Also includes unlimited contact with Brad as it is his aim to keep you on track, and advise you on anything from fitness prescription to equipment choice and tire pressure on race day.? I am an expert in all things bike related so I am here to help you in absolutely any way.? I offer only one coaching option as I believe that this price is fair, and sufficient for you to contact me as much as you would like and / or need to.? I do not believe in billing for phone calls or emails; as your coach, I am here to help you achieve greater results, no matter how much time it requires from me.? Your success is my only concern, therefore I like to stay in contact with my clients as much as possible.


Lactate Threshold Testing, Including Data Analysis, and Training Zone Prescription – $125

This is the most useful fitness test as it not only establishes your aerobic threshold with the greatest accuracy with regard to heart rate and power output, but also allows us to base your training zones on the concentration of lactate in your blood, allowing for much more accurate training zones, and better gains in the future. ?The full test takes roughly 45 minutes, and does involve taking a few drops of blood from your ear, though that?is the easy part. ?The reason we choose to use this test as opposed to any other, is that we can generate your fitness profile, being able to see how your metabolism is responding at a wide range of intensities, providing a very clear picture of not only your fitness, but also provides some insight into your natural abilities as well.

Elevation Endurance Coaching